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  • 10 Οκτωβρίου 2023
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Development of efficient PV materials and third-generation devices for support competitiveness of the production sector in green energy

TAEDR-0537347 (2023-2025): Flagship actions in interdisciplinary scientific areas with special interest in connecting to the productive industry (GSRI)


3GPV-4INDUSTRY aims to boost entrepreneurship in the third-generation photovoltaics sector by developing new innovative technologies that will bring new products to the market and, at the same time, meet the needs of industry and society for new ideas in the field of energy. For the implementation of this project, the methodology to be followed is based on the further development of research results and mature technologies by the entities of the consortium, which have high expertise in the field of third-generation photovoltaic and photoactive materials, in order to reach sufficient technological maturity to be utilised by Greek as well as European production tissue. In addition, 3GPV-4 Industry will devote resources during the project to inform the business community about the results and take the first steps of exploitation towards the market. The project consortium has been staffed by entities with high expertise in the field of third-generation photovoltaic materials and solar panels and is able to carry out this ambitious project. The project is structured according to the specialisation of each research team in order to achieve the maximum result in terms of the creation of third-generation PVs that can be more efficiently utilised by interested producers.

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