2nd International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Bionanoscience (NanoBio 2021)

AQUILA Atlantis Hotel Address: 2, Ygias Street, Heraklion, Crete, GR 71202, Greece
6 Sep 2021

The 2nd International conference on Nanotechnologies and Bionanoscience (NanoBio 2021) – aims to capitalize on the rapid growing and interconnected fields of Nanotechnology and Bioscience, drawing in and providing an interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers from academia and industry. Among the main objectives is to discuss on the forefront of research and to address the theory, design and development of advanced materials and nanotechnologies in relation to the field of energy and health applications. The conference comprises six workshops focusing on the development of novel nanomaterials, bionanosystems for tissue engineering and healthcare, innovative solar cells, nanophotonics, nanomedicine, bioelectronics and lab-on-chip systems. 

  • WORKSHOP 1: NANOBIOMATERIALS & NANOMEDICINE. Next-generation nanomedicine relies on the development of innovative nanomaterials with novel electronic, magnetic and structural properties that are unique at the nanoscale level.
  • WORKSHOP 2: ORGANIC AND PEROVSKITE PHOTOVOLTAICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS. Organic-Inorganic Perovskite solar cells are the gamechanger in the field of solar cells. The race for the efficiency continues, but other research features are becoming more and more urgent.
  • WORKSHOP 3: TISSUE ENGINEERING & REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. The highly interdisciplinary and fast evolving fields of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine attracts scientists, engineers and medical doctors who are focused on the development of alternative therapies for tissue and organ repair.
  • WORKSHOP 4: GRAPHENE & RELATED 2D MATERIALS. Graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials and hybrid nanostructures (GRMs) have a combination of properties that could enable the development of innovative and smart products.
  • WORKSHOP 5: NANOPHOTONICS & NANOBIOELECTRONICS: The advent of nanotechnology opens up unique opportunities for nanophotonic and nanoelectronic applications. On top of that, the miniaturization of the current.
  • WORKSHOP 6: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES (IoT, SMART OBJECTS & SERVICES): The Internet of Things (IoT) is a novel paradigm which is shaping the evolution of the future Internet.

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