Deposition/processing lab

Characterization lab

Upscaling lab

Open-air lab

Facilities for chemical synthesis and manipulation of organic, hybrid and 2D materials supplemented with a big library of chemicals in store, accompanied by a S2S pilot line for the development and in-situ electrical characterization of printed electronic devices.

Nitrogen-filled glove boxes pilot line: The devices fabrication and characterization pilot line consists of two fully automatic controlled glove boxes (MBraun LABmaster Pro)

  • The solvent glove box equipped with spin coater (MB-SC-200), microbalance (Shimadzu-AP125WD), UV/ozone cleaner (MB-UV-O3) and hot plates.
  • the dry glove box with integrated metal evaporation system (MB-EcoVap) containing 4 different sources and equipped with a quartz window and electric feedthroughs which allow the in situ current-voltage testing inside the glove box. An AAA Newport solar simulator and computer-controlled SMU units for solar cell efficiency measurement are available.
  • Benchtop centrifuges, Rotary evaporators, Multi-Hotplate Stirrers,  Ultrasonic probes/baths

  • Three fume hoods for synthesis and manipulation of organic, hybrid and nanocomposite materials