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  • 28 Ιανουαρίου 2024
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Incorporating Non-Fullerene Acceptors and Two-Dimensional Materials into printable indoor Organic Photovoltaics

Proposal ID: 2712

2nd Call for H.F.R.I. Research Projects to support Faculty Members and Researchers

The IntoPV project aims to develop Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) cells and modules that suit indoor applications, while exhibiting enhanced efficiency at different indoor lighting scenarios and increased stability. To that direction, Transitional Metal Dichalcogenide (TMD) materials will be exploited for use as buffer layers or as compound constituents for buffer layers, while the Donor:Acceptor-type active layer will contain fullerene- and non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs). The starting point of IntoPV research will be the adoption of State-of-the-Art materials and synthetic procedures in accordance with existing literature. Insightful characterization of materials and resulting films will lead to the fabrication of functional lab-scale cells of 10mm2 active area that contain TMDs as well as NFA or fullerene-based acceptors in an effort to find optimum film parameters towards upscaling.

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