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    George Viskadouros

    PhD candidate

    Hellenic Mediterranean University

    George Viskadouros is an Electrical and Computer Engineer, (M.Eng.) specializing in the field of simulation of nanocomposite organic devices (OPVs, OLEDs, FEDs)  in terms of their electrical characteristics, a field in which he is preparing his doctoral dissertation at the Technical University of Crete. His field of expertise includes electronics and automations for electricity management. As a Consultant, he has accomplished a large number of electricity production projects in R.E.S (especially in PV plants) and energy performance upgrade studies in buildings. At the same time, he is employed as a scientific and laboratory collaborator of the Electrical Engineering Department of the Hellenic Mediterranean University.  He is a member of the writing team of 11 research publications in international scientific journals, while he has participated in the proceedings of 10 international conferences with a jury. He has received a total of 178 citations for his research work with h-index 7 (Google Scholar – October 2020).